Hellenic Organization for Company Sport & Health

European Company Sport Games 2015

03/06/2015 (All day) to 07/06/2015 (All day)

Medal Ceremony

The first innovation of Riccione 2015 will be the Medal Ceremony.

At the conclusion of each day of competition, the disciplines and sports which have determined their victors and their relative placements on the podium will see their final act in the celebratory awarding of medals.

This will of course take place in Riccione, but not in the solitude of the fields of play. The focal point for all medal winners will be the stage constructed in Piazza Roma, seaside, at the end of the famous and sophisticated Viale Ceccarini.

The Medal Ceremony will commence each night of entertainment which will typify the days of the ECSG in Romagna territory.

The best athletes up on the stage, with teammates, competitors, and the entire EFCS community applauding: we are convinced that there will be fun and triumph for everyone.


As is tradition, it will be possible to participate in a number of disciplines, and for the first time, the Games will be open to Paralympic athletes.   There are 24 sports offered plus three Paralympic events. The organizing committee may eliminate one or more sports in the event that there are not enough participants for a competition or tournament.